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The Black Isle Show is the largest one day show in Scotland and is held on the first Thursday in August. The show hosts over 200 trade stands with a mixture of agricultural, industrial, and forestry amongst others. 

Our trade stand process is that existing exhibitors from the previous show are offered first refusal before space is offered to new exhibitors. Once this process has been completed, offers will be made to new exhibitors, and the expected timeline for this is towards the end of April onwards. To register interest to be considered for any vacant spaces, please email

Stands are allocated a specified number of passes for each day depending on the stand size and these are for the personnel working on each stand.  Additional passes can be purchased.

Outdoor Stands

Outdoor Trade stands outdoors and are sold on the basis of grass pitch only, which means that stand holders will need to provide some form of cover, such as an exhibition unit, marquee or gazebo. 

Stands are measured in feet, see below for approximate conversion

Front – feetDepth- feetFront- metresDepth-metres
Trade stand Sizes

Trade stands measure 30ft (9m) in depth and the smallest frontage on offer is 10ft (3m). Frontage goes up in 5ft increments. The trade stand aisles have stands back-to-back. Vehicles not required for exhibition purposes are required to be removed off site.

Trade stand holders can trade during the preview evening which is held on the Wednesday afternoon from 4pm until approx 9pm. Electricity can be supplied at an additional cost.  We do not permit petrol generators on our stands.

There is a small number of stands 10ft x 10ft which are ideal for information stands and charities.

Food & Craft Hall

This building hosts indoor stands and is split between food stands and craft stands.  Food stands are all booth type and measure approx  10ft x 10ft.  In the craft side of the hall there is two kinds of stands, some booths measuring 10ft x 10ft and there are also eight tables which are 6ft x 3ft. The size of the tables is the selling space, and these cannot be extended in any direction.  All stands in the food and craft building are allocate a couple of chairs and a table. 

All Stands

Part of the trade stand package includes a catalogue listing of no more than 50 words in addition to the contact details. 

Trade Stand – Dressing

Trade Stands are judged during Show Day, and judged in the following categories:

  • Best Food Fair Stand
  • Best Craft Fair Stand
  • Best Agricultural Stand
  • Best Non-Agricultural Stand

Rosettes are awarded on the day, and the winners are invited to the Trophy Dinner Presentation held later in the year.

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